Inspired: Yarn Stash Love & Perfection

I was truly inspired this week by two different sources out in the yarn world talking about stash-loving and how to have a perfect stash.  Therefore, this post will be about building up and loving the yarn stash that you have. If you don’t have a yarn stash, you can start off well with these guidelines. If you have a stash, you can see how to pare it down to only things that you love and will use!Inspired #Yarn Stash Love and Perfection a Yarnversation on by @artlikebread Caissa McClinton, Blogger Sheep Thrills Yarn Store 4725 North University Drive in Lauderhill, Florida 33351 (954) 468-5577
My first inspiration came while I was listening to the brilliant Yarniacs podcast. If you’re not already a fan, please, let me introduce you to this wonderful podcast. It is hosted by two experienced and skilled knitters named Gayle and Sharlene. While they live on the other end of the country in California, it is always great to hear from them because they are truly immersed in the yarn scene.

They attend Stitches West as consumers, they are incredibly active in Ravelry, and they always have something wonderful on the needles. These are women who knit from the heart and who strive for perfection in knitting. I can appreciate this because they are always learning something new about the craft and sharing their vast knowledge with the audience.

I have only recently discovered them, but I am hooked and I feel like they are my knitting buddies. They started a project for 2015 called “Love your Stash.” As they described it on their podcast, it’s about

“changing the culture of stash”

so that instead of feeling burdened by your stash, you feel good and empowered as a yarn crafter. You should be excited to use your stash. I’m all for that! Learn more on their podcast blog.

If You Love Me, Stash Me by @artlikebread Caissa McClinton, Blogger Sheep Thrills Yarn Store 4725 North University Drive in Lauderhill, Florida 33351 (954) 468-5577

My next inspiration was an intriguing post on Craft Gossip that raised the question –

Is there such a thing as a perfect yarn stash?  

What a great question.  What do ewe think?  The article was inspired by and linked to a blog post on Post Stitch.

Here are a couple of tips that I found useful:  Keep track of your stash by writing down the important information somewhere & filing it. They suggest a card, but I use Ravelry. It is important to keep your stash visible & up to date so you’re aware of what you have and what you could use it for. What follows was the most intriguing tip, because it is counterintuitive and yet it makes so much sense. To paraphrase, unless you craft mostly one-skein projects, then buying more than one skein is actually more economical because you can use it for projects. I mean, let’s be truthful – even the most economical yarn is not a bargain unless you use it!

I thought the ideas of loving your stash and building the perfect stash were a nice match for the Sheep Thrills blog. This is because Patti and Jim have built what I would consider to be the perfect stash yarn store. The yarn they stock is beautiful, inspiring, and useful. There is plenty of it there in the color you need if you might want enough for a sweater or even a blanket. And to top it all off, you can work on your project right there in the store.

We are loved. Made in class at by @artlikebread Caissa McClinton, Blogger Sheep Thrills Yarn Store 4725 North University Drive in Lauderhill, Florida 33351 (954) 468-5577

It’s a community.  It is not cliquey. The people who craft there are welcoming and helpful.

It’s just a fun place to be and also a great place to dream as you build your own perfect yarn stash to love!

So what about you, my friends?  Do you believe in the perfect yarn stash? What are your stash-building & stash management tips? Please leave your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below. Stash on!


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