Yoko Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

I am very pleased to offer my first ever free pattern here on the Sheep Thrills blog. It actually has kind of a neat background story. A few years ago, I was living as an expat in Mexico City. I had assembled a fantastic, international constellation of good friends and we spent time exploring the city together.

My friend Yoko is Japanese and fluent in three languages. She was a great friend to have in Mexico City. She always knew of something fun to do or was ready to join me in my adventures. She had expressed some interest in handmade yarn crafts, and had even bought a single skein of a gorgeous silky alpaca blend. I think her plan was to crochet with it, but since it was a little bumpy, I recommended that she start with another, smoother yarn. I don’t remember whether she asked me or whether I volunteered, but I decided to take the lovely, single skein and crochet her an easy accessory that would just show off the yarn while being a cozy and fashionable addition to her wardrobe.

Yoko Scarf Free Crochet Pattern by Caissa McClinton Cami @artlikebread for @sheepthrillsFL Yarn Store Lauderhill Fl 4125 University Drive 1

The Yoko Scarf came back into my life on one Saturday at Sheep Thrills. It was a busy one for me. I was teaching two classes back to back followed by Crochet Time. As the store began to fill up as the day went on, people were greeting me with, “I need you, Caissa…” It was exciting. There was so much positive crafty energy in the store, and lots of people wanted to crochet!

I had one “new” crocheter, meaning she had taken a class but hadn’t picked up the hook in 17 years! I told her to pick out any yarn she liked and I would help her find a pattern. She grabbed a couple of balls of a gorgeous, rich, textured yarn, which I don’t usually recommend for beginners, but since she loved it so much I reasoned that her crochet instincts would kick in. It’s really like riding a bike.

I led her to the computer, opened Ravelry, and applied the filters on pattern search that would (in theory) work for her yarn. She selected one, printed off the pattern, and sat with hook in hand, eagerly awaiting my help. When I got over to her, I could see that the pattern she had selected was all wrong for the yarn. It also had some special stitches that she could do, but might pose a bit of a problem for her first attempt in such a long time.

I asked her what her goal was – it was just to enjoy the craft and camaraderie. Since it was all about the yarn, my Yoko pattern immediately popped to mind. “I have the perfect thing,” I said. “Just give me a minute and I’ll figure out the pattern. You can crochet the Yoko scarf.”

After a few minutes, I handed her the pattern written in pencil on a piece of paper. I showed her the basic stitches and soon she was crocheting away!

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s beautiful. It’s all about the yarn.

Oh, and the embellishments! I suggested tassels for my Crochet Time student, but I left the original Yoko Scarf classic and unembellished.

Read below to find the free (until the end of 2015) Yoko Scarf pattern. The pattern was designed by Caissa McClinton and is for personal use only. You may sell items made from the pattern, but please credit the designer with a link to caissamcclinton.com.

Yoko Scarf Free Crochet Pattern by Caissa McClinton Cami @artlikebread for @sheepthrillsFL Yarn Store Lauderhill Fl 4125 University Drive 2

Yoko Scarf Crochet Pattern by Caissa McClinton

Yarn – your choice (I used Schoppel Reggae, which is a worsted weight, for clear stitch definition)
Hook – to match yarn, but on the larger side (I used size K/10 – 6.5 mm)
Measuring tape
Yarn needle

Directions  Please note: the numbers in this pattern reflect the counts I had while crocheting the sample.  Your numbers may vary and that is okay, but to follow the pattern, your stitch count at the end of each row should be consistent.  

Foundation – Loosely and evenly chain between 12 and 15, so the base measures about 5-6 inches. (15 ch measured about 5 inches)

Row 1 – ch2, turn. Working into the back bump, hdc into the 3rd chain from the hook and in every stitch across. (15 hdc)
Row 2 – ch 1, turn. Sc into each hdc across. (15 sc)
Row 3 – ch 4 (counts as tr), turn. Tr into the 2nd sc from the chs, and in each sc thereafter. (15 tr)
Rows 4, 5, & 6 – ch 4 (counts as tr), turn. Tr into the 2nd tr from the chs, and in each tr thereafter. (15 tr)
Row 7 – ch 1, turn. Sc into each tr across. (15 sc)
Row 8 – ch 2, turn. Hdc into each sc across. (15 hdc)
Row 9 – ch 1, turn. Sc into each hdc across. (15 sc)

Rep rows 3-9 until scarf is almost the desired length. On final rep, end at Row 8 (hdc) row. Fasten off. Weave in ends with yarn needle.

Finishing will vary depending upon your yarn choice. For all yarns, wash and block appropriately for the fiber used.

Optional: Embellish with fringe, tassels, pompoms, or buttons.

To make and attach fringe, try this tutorial.

To make and attach tassels, try this tutorial.

To make and attach pompoms, try this tutorial. (I love a line of mini-pompoms at the end of a scarf!)

You can also attach buttons.

Other options: gather ends with single tassel or braid, single crochet ends together for infinity scarf. Twist before joining for mobius look.

So what about you, my friends?  Now that you have seen the Yoko Scarf, do you want to make one?  The great thing is that the pattern is so versatile.  Which yarn would you use?  Which embellishments would you choose?  Please leave your thoughts, questions, and ideas in the comment section below.

Please share your Yoko Scarves on social media with the hashtag #yokoscarf!

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