All the Rage: The Knitted FEZA Neckpiece

I am very excited to share with you a great pattern that has been really popular at Sheep Thrills Yarn Shop.  Perfect for the heat of Broward County, this knitted neckpiece is easy enough for a beginner and only takes one ball of FEZA Viva Glitz.

FEZA Glitz Yarn from Yarn Shop Broward County Sheep Thrills @sheepthrillsfl @artlikebread Caissa McClinton Knitting
The neckpiece is essentially a triangle with one very long side.  The piece is knit by casting on many stitches and then casting off gradually until the triangle is complete.  Then fringe is added.  While there are many options, I love the “fringe in every stitch option.”

FEZA Knitted Neckpiece Yarn Shop Broward County by @artlikebread Caissa McClinton, Blogger Sheep Thrills Yarn Store 4725 North University Drive in Lauderhill, Florida 33351 (954) 468-5577
Here I am trying on the store sample.  This is the perfect piece to make over and over.  The pattern is fun and addictive.  Even I, the crochet addict had to cast on my new IgNite Knitting Needles for this one!

We had such fun last weekend trying on the samples!  I have yet to find a person that this accessory does not look great on!  And for those of you who don’t knit, or those who prefer a different look, my colleague Janice created a crochet version of this as well!

I want to make a gallery of us modeling store samples or our own finished products.  Please email your pictures to!  I will publish the pictures here on this very post!

If you are interested in making this project, stop by the store at 4725 North University Drive in Lauderhill, Broward County, FL.  We would love to see you!  The pattern is free, but it is not available online.  You have to stop in for your copy!

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