Seven Super Reasons to Knit or Crochet Your Own Socks!

It’s September!!

And that means it’s sock season at Sheep Thrills.  In fact, we’re hosting a number of exciting events during our September Socktacular, including a visit from Corrina Ferguson, author of Warm Days, Cool Knits.

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Even though we’re in South Florida, we still love knitting and crocheting socks!  I am excited to share my Seven Super Reasons to Knit or Crochet Your Own Socks!

All photos except center via flickr license or license. See blog post for specific credits.
All photos except center via flickr license or license. See blog post for specific credits.

Aren’t those socks just incredible?  To give credit where credit is due, I’ll share the information I have about these socks.  Starting at the top left, the red pair photo was by star athena on flickr.  The pattern is 9 to 5 Socks by Nicole Hindes (free Ravelry download) and the project was knit in Dream in Color Smooshy.  Moving clockwise, the orange pair photo was by AnnaKika on flickr.  The pattern is Flammegarn Socks by Nancy Bush.  It can be found in the book Folk Socks: The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear (1994).  Next is the yellow pair.  The image is by sand_and_sky on flickr.  The pattern is Gold Leaf Socks by Julie Clare and it is a free Ravelry download.  The green pair image is by star athena on flickr.  The pattern is called Tour de France by Star Athena and it can be found in Keep on Knitting in the Free World and Socks For All Seasons.    The blue pair image is by sand_and_sky on flickr.  The pattern is Hanging Vines Socks by Kelly Porpiglia and it is available for free on Ravelry.  The purple pair is by Breibeest on flickr.  The pattern is Jaywalker by Grumperina and it is a free download on Ravelry.  In the center is a pair of crocheted socks!  The image is by artlikebread on Ravelry and the pattern is Shirley’s Socks by Bonnie Paul.  It can be found in Interweave Crochet, Accessories 2010.

As if these patterns were not enough, here are seven super reasons to knit or crochet your own socks!

  1.  Handmade Socks are Durable.  Yes, it’s true that you can buy a pair of socks for just a few bucks these days.  Wear them a couple of times and you’ll know why cheap socks are so cheap.  Unless you love darning socks or pulling out the toe of your sock a few inches and stuffing it all between your toes, then make your socks by hand.  Your darling stitches are durable and will wear well.  Ask anyone in the shop for a good suggestion on durable sock yarn!
  2. You Won’t Lose These Socks.  Extensive field research shows that store-bought socks will hide in the washer or dryer 75% of the time, leaving you with a great number of unmatched socks.  On the contrary, handmade socks will be lovingly cared for and therefore are less likely to run away.
  3. You Will Find Patterns Galore!  This is perhaps the most fun for a yarn crafter, but it’s plain to see while searching Ravelry for sock patterns, that sock crafting is a thing.  It’s a big thing.  A big, big thing.  There are nearly 25,000 patterns just on Ravelry for sock knitting and crocheting.  You can definitely find one that is right for you.
  4. You Will Find Mouth-Watering Yarns to Use!  Ever delightful, sock yarn is in full season at Sheep Thrills.  But whether you shop there, from an indie dyer, or from your stash, you’ll find something perfect for a sock pattern you love.  My favorite sock yarn is Tough Love Sock by Sweet Georgia Yarns. The colors are so inspiring!
  5. Sock Knitting is Meditation.  Anyone will tell you that sock knitting is addictive.  Knitting a simple sock round and round looks really difficult, but it’s actually pretty simple.  And since there is some shaping for heels and toes, sock knitting is not boring, either.  Finishing a sock is an accomplishment, and then you’ve got another one to top it off.  Sock knitting is rhythmic and meditative.
  6. You Will Plan Outfits Around Your Socks.  Handmade socks can help to brighten up a rainy day, express a wild side under conservative slacks, or show your funkiness to the whole world.  Once you have a drawer full of handmade socks, the only question is how you can best show them off.
  7. Handmade Socks Make Great Gifts.  Crafters are so generous.  Once you’re known for knitting or crocheting socks, you’ll be getting orders from all of your family and friends!  It’s a lot of fun to pick the color and pattern that your loved one will enjoy, and handmade socks for children are just adorable!

So what about you?  Are you ready to bust out the needles and hooks for this Socktacular?  Do you have a favorite pattern in mind?  Do you have any photos of handcrafted socks to share?  Please share, like, tweet, and pin this post!

We love ewe!

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