Choosing Colors for Your Projects

We’re surrounded by inspiration all around us in Broward County.  With the breathtaking landscape as our guide, we can make beautiful garments that embody our love of color and our natural surroundings.  Working with yarn is a versatile medium but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly which colors to put together in order to make your project express what you want to communicate.  In this post we’ll explore a few ways to choose colors and I’ll also share a few sources for predetermined color palettes.

Images via flickr by Abby Lanes, Matthew Howarth, Elaine, Andrew Beeston, Pop H, Renate Dodell and Quinn Dombrowski (links to licenses)
Images via flickr by Abby Lanes, Matthew Howarth, Elaine, Andrew Beeston, Pop H, Renate Dodell and Quinn Dombrowski (links to licenses)

Get Inspired

Color is all around us.  If you see a color combination you love, snap a picture and upload it to a dedicated Pinterest board.  Speaking of Pinterest, it is a great source of color inspiration in its own right.  Sheep Thrills has a beautiful Pinterest board called Color Combinations! with lots of options.  Flickr is a great photo sharing site that lets you get lost in color.  I found the above images by searching for the word “turquoise”.

Create Your Own Palette

While a cell phone photo can certainly work well if you have it with you in the yarn store, sometimes isolating the colors you would like to work with can make your task easier by helping each hue to stand out.  I learned how to do this in a Craftsy Class, Tunisian Crochet by Jennifer Hansen.  Using an image from flickr, and the website Colour Lovers, I created this palette to inspire my future yarn crafting.

Choosing Your Colors for Knit and Crochet Projects by @sheepthrillsfl Sheep Thrills Yarn Store Shop Shops Broward County by Caissa McClinton @artlikebread 3

Find Combinations on a Palette Blog

Whether the palettes are for events or web design, eye-popping color can be easily translated into yarn craft projects.  While many users visit to choose their wedding colors, The Perfect Palette is a great way to search by color and find harmonious color combos.  The blog Digital Telepathy focuses on web design, but these palettes really could make a blanket or color work garment sing.  My absolute favorite color blog is The Color Collective.  Using photos for inspiration, the blog pulls forth unexpected and fully on trend color collections.  Finally, this fabulous post from Skein Yarn shows How to Select Eye Catching Colour Combinations.

As always, thanks for reading the blog!  If you liked learning about how to choose colors for your yarn craft projects, please share this post with a friend through social media, or better yet, give a good friend a call and catch up!

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