Mini-Skeins for Your Many Moods

If you’ve been keeping abreast of yarn trends here in Broward County and all over the world, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed the proliferation of enchanting mini-skeins! I have a suspicion that mini-skeins became very popular largely because of the great hexipuff craze of 2011 (and 2012, and 2013)… In my mind it really took off with the famed Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.  The pattern sparked a craze, with knitters finally finding an amazingly addictive use for their leftover sock yarn.  Because the hexipuffs which compose the cozy quilt are adorable, easy to make, and customizable, the trend took off and the demand for smaller amounts of sock weight yarns was increased.  People started swapping mini-skeins with their friends and indie dyers started releasing mini-skein sets.  Not long after, larger yarn companies followed – first in sock weight, and then in thicker weights.

Fab color patterns by Lee Meredith
Fab patterns by Lee Meredith, designing color work way before hexipuffs! 😉

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